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 Hello!!! and Welcome! I am Chronus, and will be your lovely host for the evening.

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We have recently just come back into the petz community. My old website was German Shepherds R Us back in the 2000. That sight has sinced passed. Here at the Murder Hole Kennels we specialize in Aussies,  Tamsins, and Dalimation as well as Dalimation Overwrites and now I am glad to tell you we also have Catz 4 now. We also breed BW, Russians, Calis and Meezers :)

Please visit my sister sites :) Aussome Fiction Insanity Daveena Petz Savage





Updates: 1.09.2014
Trying to pick up where we left off. We lost our host so I am trying to update this host for now. Archive is updated. Will add some litterz soon and hopefully update the crew

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