Male Meezers

**1st row from left to right/2nd row from left to right 

"Grimer"-Bred here

"Hypno"-Adopted@ Sardonyx 

"Mango"- Adopted @ Aussome 

"Mars" Adopted@ Aussome 

"Martsen"- Bred here 

"Charizard"- Bred here 

"Aristotle"-Bred here 

"Poliwhirl"- Bred here

"Priam"-Adopted from Maya/Shebajatee 

Female Meezers

 *1st row from left to right/2nd row from left to right

"Oreo"-Bred here*has hidden eye patch, chest patch, face streak* 

"Achelos"- Bred here. Has alley spots chest patch.

"Insanity"-Bred here 

"Ireneruas"-Bred here

"Socrates"-Bred here 

"Persophone"-Adopted from Catz Creature 

"Raindrop" Bred here 

"Spinza"-Bred here 

Female BW's


"Bugal"-Adopted from Maya

"Chicago"- Adopted from Maya 

"Indigo"-Bred here 

"Liquer"-Bred here

 "Pompeii"-Bred by Maya

"Rebs"-Adopted @ Sungraze peak 

"Tornado"-Bred by Maya 

"Wahoo"-Bred here 

"Zazu"-Bred here 

Male BWS


**1st row from left to right/ 2nd row from left to right/Bottome Row Zazu 

"Tangerine"-Bred here

"Ashok"- Bred here

"Hiccup"-Bred here 

"Poe"-Adopted @ Litterz Factory

"Pieces"-Adopted from Maya

"Hypnotic"-Bred here 

"Victory"-Bred here 

"Furry"-Adopted from Jesi@Shotglass 

"Chicago"-Adopted from Shebajatee@RKC

"Liquer"-Bred here 

"Wahoo"-Bred here 

"Rebs"-Adopted @ Sungraze peak 

"Zazu"-Bred here 

Male Russians


"Arizona"-Adopted from Jesi@ Shotglass

"Cash"-Adopted @ Sungraze peak 

"Croc"-Bredd here

"ELI"-Adopted from Jesi @ Shotglass

"Marshmellow"-Bred here  

"Mr.Grey"-Adopted @ Artichoke

"Prestige"-Adopted @ Cargo

"Shark-Bate"-Adopted @ Cargo 



Female Russians

**1st Row from left to right/2nd row from left to right  

"Zazu"-From Emma @ Loser

"Basil"- Bred here

"Crazzy"-Adopted from Celia@FH 

"Wichita"-Adopted from Maya/Shebajatee 

"Silouhette"- Bred here

"Pika"-Adopted from Kika@RKC 

"Curfew"-Bred here 

"Eurasia"-Bred here

"Treaure"-Bred here 

Female Tabbies

"Citrus"-Adopted from Kika

"CreamPuff"- Adopted from Bec

"Indulgence"-Adopted from Maya

"Glacier"-Bred here

"Suffrage"-Adopted from Maya 

"Splash"-Bred here

"Oregeno"-Bred here

"Whisper"-Bred here

Male Tabbies

list from left to right

"Courage"- Adopted from Aubrey @ Sardonyx

"Konten"-Adopted from Ali Rae 

"Sprout"-Adopted from Aubrey@Sardonyx

"Savage"-Adopted from Jesi @ Shotglass

"VerVain"-Bred here

"Justice"-Adopted @ Cargo

"Washaki"-Adopted  from Aubrey @ Sardonyx


Male MPC Calicos

"Flint" Bred here 

"Apache" Adopted  @ Artichoke 

"Artemis" Adopted @ Aussome 

"Asher"- Bred here 

"Damage" Bred here 

"Treason" Adopted from Rebs 

"Governor" Bred here

"Meriduis" Bred here 

"Sardine" bred Here 

"Whiskey" Adopted from Jesi@Shotglass 

"Pretinous" Adopted from Maya @ RKC 

"Ovation" bred Here (hard to see but he is a gypsie with brown markings)

Female Calicos

 "Inca" Adopted @ Still Water 

"Roanoke" Adopted @ Aussome 

"Chesmu" Adopted from Aubrey@Sardonyx

"Euenus" Bred here 

"Dragon" Bred here

"Gravity" Adopted @ Sardonxy

"Stheuno" Adopted from Aubrey@ Sardonyx

"Harpies" Adopted from Aubrey@ Sardonyx 

"Jalopanoe" Adopted from Aubrey@ Sardonyx 

"Wrath" Adopted from Emma@ loser

"Sprite" bred here

"Sorrow" Adopted from Sheba@RKC (the white tabby)